Soup it Up

I am constantly looking for quick, easy, and healthy meals to whip up and have on hand throughout my week – variations of soup have been one of the results of my search.

It simple; buy some broth (chicken, vegetable, beef) and add a ton of healthy ingredients. Personally, I chop up a bunch of veggies (bell peppers, onion, broccoli, spinach) and let them simmer in the broth for 5-10 minutes. While that is happening I cook up some ground turkey or chicken breasts, along with some quinoa or red rice.

After the meat and grains are cooked I pack them up individually and put it all in the fridge. This way I can control how much of each ingredient are in my serving of soup. Of course you can always just add it together once it’s cooked, but I like the ability to control my macronutrients (less rice on low carb days, more protein on heavy training days, etc.).

Little time is needed to put this together, it tastes great, and is healthy to boot. Since it was made yourself you’ll know exactly what’s in it – soups from the can or restaurants are often way too high in sodium.

Try different broths and vegetables in your soup and do not forget a source of protein. If you are not a meat eater try incorporating lentils, split peas, or beans; along with a grain (quinoa, rice) to create complete proteins. Sprinkling some sesame seeds on top is a great addition and will provide a source of healthy fats, and tossing in some spices like cumin or cayenne can give it a kick.

Cooking of vegetable soup

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