My name is Haley and I decided to start Shape180 more than 4 years ago as a way to share my experiences and knowledge in regards to fitness and health.

Ten years ago, a much younger me wasn’t happy with the way I looked. Puberty wasn’t nice to me; I was overweight and uncomfortable. Back then I didn’t have a clue how to take care of myself when it came to proper nutrition and exercise.

So I made a change – struggled for a long time; but kept moving and working towards a healthier body both inside and out. I came to realize that this is something I want to help others with, so I continued expanding my knowledge and decided to learn everything I can about nutrition, human anatomy and physiology, strength and conditioning, programming, and much more. On My Cell 214

I have two diplomas, one in fitness and health promotion; the other in strength and sports conditioning. I’m a certified level 1 weightlifting coach with the OWA, and I spent the five years (2009-2016) working at various recreation centres as a personal/group trainer.

My current personal goal is to continue to make improvements in the Olympic lifts. Although I’ve been lifting weights for over 14 years now; I am new to Olympic Lifting and it hasn’t been easy to learn. I left Brampton and moved to North Bay to attain my second diploma and certification. The weightlifting & powerlifting community is strong up here – it’s awesome. I’ve competed more than 7 times as part of the Norseman & Valkyries Weightlifting club, and I spend much of my time studying the lifts and training.

If you are looking for personalized fitness programs and/or coaching, don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer fair prices and ongoing support.


Keep moving 🙂

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