5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

It’s that time of year again!

Time for family, friends, decorations, Christmas music, gift exchanges, lunches, dinners, more lunches, dinners, and tons of desserts!

Keep your waistline in check with these 5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips:

1. Do not skip meals to save your calories for the big holiday dinner(s):

Skipping breakfast and/or lunch prior to a holiday feast is not a good idea. When dinner time finally arrives you’ll be so hungry and ready to eat anything (and everything) in sight, including all the fatty appetizers and desserts. Unless you are planning on filling up on lean proteins, slow digesting carbohydrates, and lots of veggies; I suggest you eat a complete and nutritious breakfast and lunch.

2. Drink plenty of water:

Skip the eggnog, take it easy on the alcohol, and drink as much water as you possibly can. Water will not only help with digestion, but it will prevent you from over-eating; thirst is often confused with hunger, so drink-up and you’ll eat less.

3. Start with the vegetables:

Starting your meal with a plate of vegetables will ensure you get all of your minerals and vitamins as well as take up some space in your stomach; leaving a little less space for the not-so-healthy foods. After you eat your greens feel free to enjoy a plate of whatever you like! (Be careful with all of the veggie dips and dressings though, most are full of unhealthy fats, so keep it clean if you can)

4. Do not  go back for seconds:

Minus the plate of vegetables of course, there is no need to go back for seconds (unless it’s more veggies). This will be harder than is sounds, I know, but after your first plate I’m sure you’ll be full. Why stuff yourself to the point of undoing your pants? Wait at least 20 minutes after eating, and if you are genuinely still hungry, go for a little more; or save that space for some dessert.

5. There is no need to consume every piece of junk food offered:

It’s difficult to say no to people, especially when they are offering you junk foods they have made themselves. However, if you say yes to every sugar cookie, slice of pie, and chocolate, expect to put on more than just a couple pounds. Be polite, and just stick to the treats that you only see once a year.

I hope this helps! Have a great holiday season everyone!

Snoopy Christmas

2 thoughts on “5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

  1. alittlebitofem December 13, 2013 / 11:55 pm

    What great tips! We even try to incorporate the whole eating your veggies first with our kids 365 days a year 🙂

    • shape180 December 17, 2013 / 12:38 am

      Thats great you encourage healthy eating at home, your kids will eventually thank you for it if they haven’t already.

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